Wednesday, September 9, 2009

random moments

on saturday as i was laying in bed at one in the afternoon(hey, i am still fighting this stomach thing and i am having trouble sleeping at nights), i heard something. well actually i heard nothing. at least not any of the usual sounds i hear day in and day out living here in this city.

no cars, trucks, or bullet bikes passing, no scooter, wagons, razors, skateboards, or bicycles flying down the hill.

no wind, no rain, no birds, no lawn mower or weed wackers, no hammering.

no guinney fowl crying for its partner, no chickens crowing, no dogs barking.

no children laughing, crying, screaming, passing. no swamp coolers, no tv no typing.

my refrigerator WAS humming. i had no idea that it hummed. have you had a day like this lately?

it made me miss the country. it made me grateful that i was laying down doing nothing so that i was able to realize that nothing was going on around me. it was quiet, it was still, it was such a wonderful sound to my ears. tranquility.
so i have had to go to the dentist a couple times this week. i hate dentists. maybe it has something to do with the first dentist i ever went to. he needed to pull out one of my baby teeth that had grown a huge root and was abscessed. Well he pulled one looked at it and said.. "oops i think we pulled the wrong one." yes he did. he pulled the one on the opposite side, so i ended up having 2 teeth pulled that day. at 5 years old i was not impressed. i am still not impressed with dentists. nothing personal i just hate their profession. i had to go today one of my ceramic fillings had chipped and that was allowing food to get caught between my teeth and it hurt. he fixed it. i hope... the numbing just wore off and i am hurting pretty bad right now.

have i mentioned how bad i hate the dentist. i also hate the hygienists. (all but you melissa) my hygienist knows i hate her. she sends me messages begging me to come in and see her on my cleaning reminder cards. if adam goes in without me she sends him home with gifts for me. once she sent me synsodyne toothpaste with a note attached (by floss) that said not to be so sensitive and to come see her. Adam got his teeth cleaned a couple of days before i did. he came home this time with a pink toothbrush and another gentle (begging) note saying, "holly, your teeth miss me much even if you don't. come see me soon." she is really sweet. again. i hate her profession not her.

so in an hour i am starting a new job. babysitter. i will get paid and everything. i feel like a teenager agian. you know, reverting back the first job i ever had and all.

i am sure i have bored you all. i leave you with a photo i took last september it was tweaked by aRCsOFT photo studio. enjoy and wish me luck.


Mindy said...

I long for the country sometimes too... I don't get nearly enough quiet here. I love your photo. I'm so sorry you've been sick, and even more sorry that you had to go to the dentist. Your hygenist does sound really sweet, though. :) I liked reading about what's been going on with you... I miss you.

Chris and Kat said...

Great photo at the end!
My dentist is HOT which makes me hate him!!! hehe

VaughnFam said...

I hope you feel better and enjoy your new job. I can't believe how long your stomach flu lasted - I'm so sorry. I love your photos. You take great pics!

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